These are the commands you can do in chat, Have fun.

Stat check:

!bitrate = Checks the bitrate and displays it on youtube


Social links:

My Main Social Links

!Blsk = Shows my bluesky

!DA = Shows My DA

!Discord = Shows my discord server

!FB = Shows my FB page

!gaia = Shows my Gaia page

!mastodon = Shows my Mastodon page

!spacehey = Shows my SpaceHey page

!Tgram = Shows my Telegram page

!twitter = Shows my Twitter page

!Website = Shows my Website page(still being worked on)

Secondary Social Links(Used but doesnt post as often as I should)

!cohost = Shows my Cohost

!vtuber = Shows my page

!tumblr = Shows my Tumblr page

!Threads = Shows my Threads page

Third Social Links(barely used)

!FA = Shows my Furaffinity page

!Tiki = Shows my Tiktok page

!Igram = Shows my Instagram page

!artstation = Shows my Artstation

!twitch = Shows my Twitch page

Overall on screen chat Emote:(give it a try. If it gets too much, I can clear it from my side.)







[Morthwig](too big to display it here)









Avatar Sparks:

+gurren = Gurren lagann spiral color

+blue = Blue Color

+Rainbow = Rainbow Color

+Yellow = Yellow color

+red = Red Color

Random Bullshit:

!DC = Shows my Dragons

Friends shoutout





Mod commands:

Mod commands

Mod commands:

Mod commands:

Mod commands: